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Electronics & Computer Technology

McAndrews attorneys possess a wealth of hands-on experience, having worked as engineers in the electronics and computer technology industry prior to adopting law as their chosen profession. This experience helps us quickly and efficiently meet client demands and ongoing needs without having to waste resources learning the technologies behind the case or matter.

While we enjoy an international reputation for our litigation successes, we also offer a full range of services in areas including patent procurement, licensing, and IP portfolio management. Our clients have unhindered access to a multidimensional team that includes attorneys who are experienced in dealing with patent prosecution in the electronic and computer technology arts, as well as attorneys who are experienced in dealing with litigation in this same arena.

We help our clients develop powerful business opportunities that leverage their intellectual property assets, and we develop strategic approaches that build — as well as protect — market share. Throughout all of our work, however, our strength in litigation provides us the experience necessary to provide unmatched insight and service.

Examples of our success for clients in the electronics and computer technology industries include:

  • Litigating and favorably settling a dispute between two major manufacturers involving silicon chips.
  • Implementing a litigation and licensing program that resulted in more than $100 million in new revenue for a leading automatic identification equipment company.
  • Securing and protecting assets valued in the tens of millions of dollars for one of the leading broadband communications providers in the United States.
  • Developing satellite technology litigation and licensing strategies resulting in revenues of more than $250 million for one of the leading global defense electronics manufacturers.

The level of technical and professional training of our attorneys also makes us unique. We remain up-to-date on current technologies, enabling us to counsel clients more effectively and efficiently. The quality of our team allows us to work seamlessly not only with corporate counsel on complex legal matters, but also with the engineers and inventors behind the technologies.

Representative Electronics & Computer Technology Areas Served:

Air Conditioning Equipment
Audiology Instrumentation
Automated Food Processing Equipment
Automatic Identification Systems
Avionic Equipment and Technology
Banking Technology
Broadband Communications
Computer Hardware and Software
Consumer Electronics
Electronic Circuitry
Gaming Machines
Graphics Processing
Handheld Computers
Medical Devices and Equipment
Medical Imaging and Computer-Aided Diagnostics
Microwave Appliances
Satellite Technology
Telecommunications Equipment
Telephone Network Switching Systems
Voice, Video, and Data Networking
Wireless Communications