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McAndrews provides the ultimate value to its clients by gathering attorneys with mechanical and related engineering backgrounds, years of industry knowledge, and extensive mechanical litigation and prosecution experience in a single location. We counsel businesses across the spectrum of mechanical, industrial and electromechanical fields, managing their IP assets in a manner that both minimizes risk and maximizes rewards. Our approach enables clients to better capitalize on business opportunities, as well as identify new avenues for revenue growth. In fact, our clients trust us so much that we have ongoing relationships that span decades with multiple industrial and mechanical device companies, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Our firm’s services and experience range from securing multimillion dollar patent infringement settlements and awards to successfully defending clients against charges of patent infringement.

Examples of our success for clients in the industrial and mechanical industries include:

  • Winning a jury verdict of willful infringement and validity of all patent claims at issue in the case, and obtaining damages and an injunction for our client for their innovative electrical distribution products, against a global company that describes itself as “the only worldwide supplier of complete energy, automation, communication, and transportation infrastructure for the mining industry.”
  • Representing one of the world’s most innovative medical device companies in a major patent infringement lawsuit involving surgical suction irrigators that resulted in a favorable jury verdict of $70 million in lost profits, a finding of all asserted patents valid and willfully infringed, and an injunction and treble damages following post-trial motions.
  • Securing a dismissal with prejudice of all claims of willful infringement for one of the world's largest lighting fixture manufacturers. McAndrews also secured a favorable summary judgment ruling for the same client in another case, which included an award of $8 million in damages and a court order barring the opposing party from selling the infringing product.
  • Obtaining a summary judgment of non-infringement and dismissal of the case in its entirety for the original manufacturer of table-mounted surgical retractors. McAndrews secured this outcome before discovery even commenced.
  • Obtaining a motion for summary judgment of infringement relating to methods of manufacturing sideframes and bolsters for railcars on behalf of one of the leading manufacturers of industrial components for the railroad, vehicular, construction and building industries. The opposing party was denied two motions for summary judgment of invalidity and subsequently filed for bankruptcy protection. In addition, the court's findings helped to secure a favorable settlement in the client's lawsuit against a third-party manufacturer.

Litigation experience creates more knowledgeable patent prosecutors. Prosecution experience creates more knowledgeable patent litigators. As a full-service IP firm that includes both, McAndrews attorneys know how to anticipate industrial and mechanical patent issues in ways others cannot.

Representative Industrial & Mechanical Areas Served:

Asphalt Mixers
Automated Refuse Handling Equipment
Automobile Racing Components
Hand Tools
Horizontal Cable Managers
Hospital Beds
Juvenile Furniture
Overbed Tables
Products for Generation, Transmision, Distribution, and Control of Electricity
Paper-Making Machinery
Power Transmission Components
Printer Paper Handling Mechanisms
Railcar Bolsters and Sideframes
Signature Stream Feeding Equipment
Sporting Equipment
Transmission Friction Clutches
Truck Trailers
Utility Distribution Equipment