Closing Argument: Let the Jurors See Your Soul


Being raised in southern Indiana, as the second-youngest of 14 children I experienced a lot of life at an early age.

My family struggled to make ends meet. My siblings and I all had jobs by the fifth grade. We competed against each other for our parents’ attention, and for the best piece of fried chicken at dinner.

But with a family that large, we had to get along in order to survive real-world challenges.

Observing the many highs and lows and the joys and pains of my older siblings gave me lifetimes of human experience before I was even 20 years old.

Without a doubt, it toughened me, but it also taught me about compassion and understanding.

Like many of us though, education brought me opportunity. I eventually obtained a law degree and became a patent lawyer.

My view of the legal world at that time, well more than 25 years ago, set the tone for my legal practice.

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Originally published in Chicago Lawyer.

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