Computer & Electronics Technology

The McAndrews Computer and Electronics Technology industry group focuses on helping clients develop business opportunities that leverage their intellectual property assets. More than in many other verticals, technology companies are often a direct expression of the utility, and therefore the market value, of IP. Given the pace of change in tech, and the fact that it’s highly globalized, effective management of IP is particularly critical. Accordingly, we view our goal as helping our technology clients both maximize the value of their work, and effectively navigate the marketplace(s) in which it exists.

To do this, we take a strategic approach that builds, protects, and ultimately unlocks the value inherent in technology. From the very first discussion, our work is guided by an ongoing awareness of the real-world business potential of a client’s IP. While we enjoy a strong reputation as litigators, we also offer a full range of services in areas including patent procurement, licensing, acquisitions and IP portfolio management.

As one example approach, we begin by addressing a client’s current set of product offerings and product roadmap, as well as anticipated future developments in the relevant marketplace. We then meet with the client’s technical team, brainstorm, and engage in a “patent harvest” process identifying patentable and valuable IP. We monitor the marketplace and proceed in a way that considers both competitors and customers, with the objectives of driving sales of the client’s products or patents, enabling positions that generate revenue or provide a defensive stance, and in some cases creating patent portfolios that make the client an attractive acquisition target. Although we work with clients of all sizes, one of our particular strengths is in representing growing and midsized companies.

Many McAndrews attorneys possess a wealth of hands-on technology experience, having worked as engineers in the electronics and computer technology industry prior to adopting law as their chosen profession. This experience helps us quickly and efficiently meet client demands and ongoing needs without having to waste resources learning the technologies behind the case or matter. We speak fluent engineer, in other words. We believe engineers should spend their time designing and inventing, not drafting detailed disclosures and holding the hand of their patent attorney. Many firms may say this, but very few have implemented it as successfully as we have. We understand technology, can efficiently work with it, and do so in a strategic way.

The quality of our team allows us to work seamlessly not only with corporate counsel on complex legal matters, but also with the engineers and inventors behind the technologies. Regardless of who we’re working with, however, it is of paramount importance to us to build relationships with clients. As a firm, and as a practice, we believe that the best, most productive and ultimately most profitable role for an attorney is that of trusted advisor. And we seek to earn that trust every day.

"McAndrews possesses extraordinary skill in patent law matters and is very client-sensitive and responsive. Overall, the firm is one of the best I have ever encountered."

Senior Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel