Life Sciences

McAndrews serves as counsel for life sciences companies ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small, privately held enterprises, and major research universities. Focus areas include small-molecule therapeutics, proteins and antibodies, biosimilar manufacturing, diagnostics, immunology, vaccines, stem cell, CRISPR and nucleic acid technologies, among others.

Life sciences companies face unique business and strategic challenges because unlike industries such as consumer electronics, where a device may be protected by hundreds of patents, commercial products in the life sciences that often require many millions of dollars to develop and bring to market are typically protected by far fewer patents. Accordingly, IP is the bedrock of every life sciences business, and the legal protection it requires is absolutely critical.

At McAndrews, we understand this and work to secure rights that are robust, durable and strategic. IP protection in the life sciences cannot be a paper tiger – it must have teeth. It must also be global due to the threat posed by copyists located in many jurisdictions. Additionally, for startups and growth companies, strong, strategic IP protection is the key to funding.

The McAndrews team brings to life sciences clients highly diverse backgrounds and credentials. Most team members have either advanced degrees or hands-on professional experience, or both. Many of our attorneys and patent agents hold Ph.D.s in fields such as chemistry, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, biomaterials and cancer biology. Our clients benefit from these viewpoints and the varying perspectives they provide.

We are proud to offer our clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries a complete range of IP services, including patent litigation, global patent prosecution and portfolio management, post-grant proceedings (e.g., inter partes reviews), derivation proceedings, freedom-to-operate and patent validity opinions, due diligence, competitive landscaping, client centric in and out licensing programs, and other IP transactions. We also have extensive experience in ANDA litigation and FDA regulatory matters, having represented both brand-name and generic drug companies.

Our Life Sciences team is also notable for their hands-on approach and their client-focused perspective. We know that our clients’ success and our success are the same. We are interested in long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships, not transactions. When what’s at stake represents years of work and enormous investments of funds, effort, time and innovative thinking, you need a legal team that’s as committed to your success as you are, and has the experience, judgment and expertise to help make it happen. You need the McAndrews Life Sciences group.

"It's not very often that the Davids of the world can walk away from the Goliaths without broken bones, but we managed to do so through your efforts and, for that, our team extends thanks to your team at McAndrews."

Vice President & General Counsel