Quantum Technologies

McAndrews has worked in the quantum space since 2018, helping clients develop business opportunities by protecting and leveraging their intellectual property assets. Given the pace of change in quantum tech, the fact that the field is highly globalized, and that the market value of quantum technology is often directly related to its IP, effective management of IP is particularly critical. We help our quantum technology clients maximize the value and return of their innovations and effectively navigate the marketplaces in which they operate.

The McAndrews quantum technology team includes attorneys, patent agents, and technology specialists with relevant scientific and engineering backgrounds such as physics, computer and electrical engineering, chemistry, and material science. McAndrews offers one of the largest single collections of lawyers with scientific and engineering degrees in one firm who are admitted to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The scientific, engineering and technology background, experience, and skillsets of our attorneys allow us to navigate this emerging industry and work seamlessly with all necessary parties, from corporate counsel to the research and development team to the inventors who understand this complex technology area.

Our attorneys are forever curious and stay on top of and leverage the latest legal and scientific developments. While we enjoy a premier global reputation as litigators – a foundational aspect of our firm that makes all of our work more effective – we are also recognized as leaders across a full range of IP services, including patent procurement, licensing, acquisitions, IP portfolio management, patent mining, and IP strategy development. In addition, McAndrews’ approach to helping companies secure trade secrets and training innovators and R&D teams makes companies stronger and inevitably results in increased valuation multiples. We also have a long history of helping startup and early-stage companies protect their innovations and brands. In addition, we drive growth through relationship building, strategically crafted agreements, and on-target business counsel.

We strive to develop, build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients and take pride in understanding their priorities, objectives, and competitive landscapes. We work tirelessly to serve our clients and be partners and trusted resources to them.

"McAndrews possesses extraordinary skill in patent law matters and is very client-sensitive and responsive. Overall, the firm is one of the best I have ever encountered."

Senior Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel