IPWatchdog Features Dunstan Barnes, Christopher Carani, and Megan Trick’s Article on Pivotal SCOTUS Fair Use Case Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. v. Lynn Goldsmith, et al.


All eyes are on the Supreme Court this fall as it takes up what will be one of the most significant fair use cases to date. Using a hypothetical scenario involving how an imagined photographer’s photo of the Mona Lisa could have been used by Leonardo da Vinci to create a painting, which Fernando Botero then used as the inspiration for his own artistic work, Dunstan, Chris, and Megan explore the potential ramifications of the case in this IPWatchdog article. Did Warhol ultimately infringe Goldsmith’s copyrighted photo? What the Supreme Court decides is yet to be determined, along with the impact this could have on artistic creativity moving forward.