Wil Rao Quoted in National Law Journal Article Highlighting the Increasing Popularity of the ITC for IP Enforcement and Subsequent Impact on Some Law Firm Hiring


In the National Law Journal article, “Law Firms Are Building Out ITC Practices Amid Steady Demand in IP Practices,” reporter Abigail Adcox highlights the ITC as an “increasingly preferred venue when it comes to enforcing a patent against an accused infringer.”

Citing why clients might select to leverage the ITC and raise its popularity, Wil stated that, in view of potential exclusion order remedies for U.S. IP owners at the U.S. border and challenges for obtaining injunctions in district court, “[i]f your client was looking at litigating a patent infringement case, and it could meet all the requirements of the ITC, and it was willing to spend the resources and the commitment of time, it is going to be the choice that they probably will choose to get to resolution.”

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