Patent Prosecution

At McAndrews, patent prosecution is one of our firm’s core legal disciplines. From our perspective, however, it’s much more than simply a branch of law relating to intellectual property. Our strengths in this area form a strong foundation for everything we do for our clients.

Patent prosecution is one of the largest practices at McAndrews. Our deep experience with diverse technologies ranging from mechanical systems and pharmaceutical compounds to complex electrical systems and medical devices informs our approach to the development and management of industry-leading patent portfolios. Our patent team is nationally ranked for the quality of our work product. We prosecute patents for companies with extensive, complex patent portfolios, as well as for small startups that are seeking funding, and for countless firms in between.

But what distinguishes us is not simply our legal expertise or our technical knowledge. It isn’t our track record, which is impressive, or even our results, which are unrivaled. McAndrews is the patent prosecution firm of choice for hundreds of industry-leading companies because of the uniquely personal approach we take to our work, and the long-term perspective we bring to every engagement. We deliberately engineered our firm to optimize our ability to both deliver strategic thinking and foster long-term relationships.

We are a midsized firm by design. We believe that our size provides us with the optimum combination of scale, depth and firepower, which is particularly critical with large engagements, and the personal, hands-on involvement that is the essence of long-term working relationships with clients.

McAndrews patent prosecution attorneys take a very personal approach to the results we achieve for our clients. We celebrate our successes, because we take more than a purely economic interest in the result we can achieve. We do not believe IP representation of any kind is a commodity business. Each case and every client is unique. We take professional pride in doing outstanding work, and personal satisfaction in ensuring that if something has our name on it, it’s first-rate.

We also take the long view of our working relationships with our clients. Our role as counselors is to provide clients with candid guidance concerning what they need to know, even if it isn’t what they’d like to hear. This means that we don’t shy away from difficult conversations when circumstances require them. We’re more interested in the strength of our relationship two decades in the future than just in the short term, and we believe that direct, mutual conversations lay a foundation of trust and respect that allows us to do our best work and achieve optimal results for those who put their trust in our abilities and judgment. Having said that, once we know our path we will run through brick walls for our clients.

"McAndrews possesses extraordinary skill in patent law matters and is very client-sensitive and responsive. Overall, the firm is one of the best I have ever encountered."

Senior Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel