McAndrews Successfully Defends Netlist Memory Patents Against Six IPR Challenges


McAndrews announced today that the Federal Circuit has affirmed four decisions of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”), in favor of its client, Netlist, Inc. Netlist is a leading provider of high-performance, logic-based computer memory systems. In the first decision, the Federal Circuit affirmed two PTAB decisions that had ruled that petitioner, Smart Modular Technologies, Inc. (“Smart Modular”) had not proven that any of the Netlist patent claims were unpatentable. McAndrews had previously won two earlier filed IPRs filed by Smart Modular on the same Netlist patents. In the second Federal Circuit decision, which involved challenges filed by SanDisk Corporation, the court affirmed the patentability of eighteen claims of these same Netlist patents.

“We are pleased that the board and the Federal circuit have upheld the patentability of 18 Netlist claims after six IPR challenges,” Thomas Wimbiscus, lead attorney for Netlist said.

Netlist is represented by McAndrews attorneys Christopher Winslade, Thomas Wimbiscus, Wayne Bradly, Ron Spuhler, and Scott McBride.