McAndrews Secures Victory for Baker Hughes


On April 13, 2023, the Federal Circuit issued its decision in favor of McAndrews client Baker Hughes Holdings LLC.  The decision affirmed the Final Written Decisions of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board finding unpatentable all claims of four patents owned by Liquid Power Specialty Products (LSPI) covering drag reducing agents for oil pipelines.

Nearly seven years ago, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board instituted the first of four inter partes review trials based on Baker Hughes petitions challenging the LSPI patents which have been asserted against it in US District Court in Houston.

The Federal Circuit’s decision followed four inter partes review trials; four Final Written Decisions in the favor of Baker Hughes; a first set of appeals; remand of all four cases; a second set of appeals (a total of 8, including limited remands on an Arthrex issue and four requests for Director Review); and, finally, oral argument at the Federal Circuit at which all 8 appeals were consolidated.

Baker Hughes is represented by Herbert D. Hart III, Peter J. Lish, and Ben J. Mahon.