IP Transactions

The attorneys at McAndrews focus on counseling clients across the full spectrum of IP-related business situations. In so doing, we both maximize value and minimize risk. Our clients benefit from both our decades of experience in IP prosecution and litigation, and our deep understanding of underlying technologies. Clients also benefit from our concentration on developing long-term client relationships, which often span decades. Our attorneys know our clients’ priorities, objectives, and competitive environments, and counsel them accordingly.

In the past five years alone, McAndrews has been involved in IP transactions representing a total value of more than $15 billion.

Many of our attorneys have advanced degrees and/or professional experience in relevant technical fields ranging from biochemistry to electrical engineering to different branches of the chemical arts. In addition to depth, our IP transactional experience is also exceptionally broad. We typically work closely with other professionals whose complementary expertise will help shape a transaction – corporate counsel, attorneys from other firms, accountants, highest payout online casino representatives, technical experts, and others. We also frequently advise clients on cross-border transactions, and are experienced at helping evaluate global patent portfolios.

Strategy and analysis ultimately require execution, an area in which we also provide support to clients. Our team has extensive experience negotiating and preparing IP-related agreements in a wide variety of fields, including biotechnology, mechanical and industrial technologies, digital and online assets, pharmaceutical products and compounds, and many more. We prepare the full range of supporting agreements, including licensing and joint venture agreements, IP assignment agreements, R&D agreements, development contracts, information technology agreements, technology sharing agreements, and more.

Increasingly, IP is a core value driver for enterprises of every size, from startups to multinational conglomerates. Unlike tangible assets, IP operates across borders and is both a direct factor in transactions and an indirect, but critical, source of influence and competitive advantage. In such a dynamic, multidimensional environment, the trusted legal advice and technical expertise of the McAndrews IP Transactions team is an invaluable competitive advantage.

"Our professional associations have been among the highlights of my 20-year career. I greatly appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you and your firm."

Chief Patent Counsel