The Abbott-McAndrews Diversity Internship will be awarded to a diverse 1L law student having a life sciences or engineering background. The recipient will serve as a paid summer intern at Abbott for four weeks and as a paid summer associate at McAndrews for six to eight weeks (based on the intern’s availability). While at Abbott, the recipient will have the opportunity to learn the business side of intellectual property law. He or she will be exposed to the perspectives and opportunities of working as an in-house attorney at Abbott, and to networking opportunities within the company. While at McAndrews, the recipient will gain valuable experience in areas such as patent and trademark litigation in federal district courts, administrative tribunals, and the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals; patent and trademark prosecution; due diligence; licensing; and intellectual property transactions. To facilitate the individual’s professional growth and learning, senior-level attorneys at both Abbott and McAndrews will serve as mentors to the recipient. The recipient will also be eligible to receive an offer to return to McAndrews for the firm’s 2L summer associate experience.

Applications for the Abbott-McAndrews Diversity Internship will be accepted from December 1 through January 31. Please note that the Abbott-McAndrews Diversity Internship is separate from the McAndrews Diversity in Patent Law Fellowship, which is described here. 1L applicants are welcome to apply to both programs, and only one form is required. To apply, click here.